The Regina company was set up in Thessaloniki in 1958.

In 2006 the company moved to its new, modern, premises in the Thessaloniki Industrial Zone, at Sindos.

Underlying this move was the company’s main concern and fundamental objective: to provide the highest quality products to the final consumer.

The company produces and markets honey, royal jelly, jams, marshmallows, preserved fruits and sesame bars or pastelia.

It adheres faithfully to a carefully designed system of production phases and procedures, intended to ensure that its consumers enjoy authentic products of incontestably superior quality.

Each and every product is the result of a carefully designed production process.

The first phase in this process involves meticulous selection of the best available raw materials.

These materials are subject to daily inspection to confirm that they continue to meet the highest quality standards before proceeding to the following stages of processing and packaging. In transporting and distributing its products the company follows the same procedure, adhering to the same rigorous specifications, guaranteeing that the final consumer enjoys products of the very highest quality and most agreeable flavour.

Always a leading player in its sector, the company takes a mature and responsible approach to its marketing, carrying out daily checks to ascertain customer needs and requirements.

It markets its products all across Greece, and exports to Europe, America, Asia, Australia and the markets of the Balkan region.

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