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Our Company REGINA was founded by the late Christos Kourantidis in 1958, one of the pioneers and visionaries of the Greek economy in a bid to give Greece the outward direction to the rest of the world, being by the nature of the extrovert. He was one of the first to bring the food industry into export and REGINA was the first Greek participation in an international exhibition, Company in particular in the Anuga International Fair in 1971.

In 2006, it is being transferred to its new modern facilities in the industrial area of Sindos,Thessaloniki with its primary concern and its main objective of improving the quality of its products to the final consumer.

The company produces and markets honey, jams, lokums, spoon sweets and brittles by faithfully following a certain flow of work and procedures in order to always offer its consumers real products, undoubtedly of superior quality.

For each of its products, the company closely observes a specific physical production process.

The first step is to collect and take care of raw materials selectively.

Subsequently, a daily inspection is carried out to confirm their best quality so that they can be processed and finalized.

At the stage of product transport and distribution, the company follows the same procedure with the same strict specifications, so that it always ensures its consumers products of superior quality and taste.

Always a pioneer, with maturity and responsibility towards consumers, our company daily controls the needs and requirements of its customers and delivers its products throughout Europe and globally such as Europe, America, Asia,Africa, Australia and the Balkan markets.

Our company, with absolute respect for the needs of its customers and the willingness to stand by them, has four main objectives:

- Always offer excellent quality at the best possible price.
- Follow the prevailing quality standards.
- Always try to keep its customers fully serviced.
- Place its products in as many places as possible

REGINA company aims not only to achieve loyal consumers in Greece, but also to claim high shares in international markets...

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