About Us

Our Company

Regina produces and markets honey, jams, lokums, spoon sweets and brittles by faithfully following a specific flow of work and processes in order to always offer its consumers real products, undoubtedly of superior quality.

sweet story from 1958
  • Founded on 1958
  • Strict specifications
  • High Quality Standards
  • Exports in 25 Countries

Our Goals

Our company, with absolute respect for the needs of its customers and the willingness to stand by them, has four main objectives:

Hive Honey

TV Spot

Our Company is close to informing its public of quality unique products

Always a pioneer, with maturity and responsibility towards the consumers, the company keeps a daily check on the needs and demands of its customers and delivers its products on a pan-European and global level in Europe, America, Asia,Africa, Australia and the Balkan markets.

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